Classroom Notes 3/20-3/24 2017

This week we are celebrating the arrival of Spring and will be visiting the Lewis Outdoor Center to notice the changes that have happened since our visit a month ago. How do the seasons cause changes in the landscape? We are also planting radishes and reading Peter Rabbit to welcome the growing season. Please stop by and see your child’s visual texture line drawings and Spring pussy willow painting outside Room 6.
Later in the week we will do a mini author study of Mo Willam’s books including Knuffle Bunny.The students love his writing and illustrations and often base their writing on his work. In math we are continuing our unit on the amazing Antarctic penguins. It is such an all encompassing study and the children are really enjoyed it. Thanks to Geri Dash and Phyllis Wood for there continued volunteer tutoring with several students weekly. Both women are retired teachers and their extra help has been invaluable! Spring Break begins this next weekend. Have a fun and relaxing holiday together!

Classroom Notes 3/13-3/17 2017

This Friday we will travel to Rice N.W. Museum of Rocks and Minerals as the culminating event of our Pebbles, Sand and Soil Unit. The students, teachers and parent chaperones will tour the museum have a picnic lunch and exciting bus ride to and fro:). This week we are also continuing to work on our penguin math unit and putting finishing touches on several art projects. The first day of spring is next Monday March 20 and we will be visiting the Lewis Outdoor Center to observe the changes that have happened since our last visit a couple months ago. Our garden helps students to notice the growth that has happened to them this year too!
Spring Break begins March 25 and during this time, please have your child practice: reading on their own and with you, telling/writing stories, adding and subtracting coins and reviewing their value, telling time to the hour/ half hour, learning their addresses and cell numbers, spelling their last names and quickly tying unruly shoe laces:)
Most importantly, relax and have fun together this Spring Break!
Photos: Twitter@AnneAbuckley