Classroom Notes 4/24-4/28 2017

This week I invite you to celebrate our fantastic School Secretaries, Kathleen Witter, Tracy Buckley and our Guest Secretary, in Tracy’s absence, Amanda the Great! It is Secretary’s Week and “they take good care of us!” as the Room 6 First Graders say! We couldn’t do it with out them at the helm and along with our awesome Principal, Helen Nolan, they keep the Lewis boat a float in more ways than we know! Please drop in and thank them for all they do and maybe drop off a note or treat as well:) In the classroom this week students enjoyed the second of four drama classes with our Artist in Residence and our final of three visits from the tree lady who had them touring our gardens and investigating trees. We continue our new science unit on insects and students are excited and come with a lot of background knowledge to further enrich our studies! Our "Science Lab" has factual books, magnifying glasses, recording journals, and individual containers of meal worms for each child to observe and keep care of. We will record changes, do scientific drawings and learn the body parts of insects, (there are three of them:)!
In math our geometric study continues. We are working to understand an represent commonly used fractions such as 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2. Using 4 inch squares of paper how do you fold to make 2 equal parts of 4 equal parts? Is there more than one way to make fractions? You can help your child to understand fractions by cutting food into these fractions and then practice writing them. Hands on learning is so powerful:)

The Lewis Art Night will be held on Thursday, May 4th and we are gearing up for this wonderful event. Please mark it on your calendar, more information to come soon! If you have not yet visited our web site, abuckley
Keep in touch:)

Room 6 Photos 4/17-4/21 2017

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Classroom Notes 4/17-4-21

This week we see a twinkling of Spring and happily, a wonderful, creative time for the students! They are writing fiction pieces, inventing with crafts, learning and practicing new math skills, and finishing art projects for the coming Lewis Art Night in May. Spring is a lovely time for teachers and students alike as we celebrate our yearlong friendships and academic and personal growth. On Monday and the next 4 to come, we are meeting with two actors from Oregon Children’s Theater. They will be doing theater games and coaching students as they create a play around the book, The Kapok Tree, by Lynne Cherry. We also have The Tree Lady back again on Tuesdays to help us make paper and go for a Lewis tree tour. Our new science unit on insects kicked off on Monday. Insects intrigue the first grade students! During whole group learning we talk about how all animals and insects need shelter, water, food and air which we all share. When observed the mealworms were moving around quickly and by the end of the week they were less active, Many had molted their exoskeleton and several were lighter in color.

This is a fun and invigorating forth and final quarter in First Grade. I look forward to an exciting rest of the year together!

"Classroom Notes 4/11- 4/15 2016"