Buddies reading together, in the groove!


Classroom Notes 5/14-5/18 2018

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day and enjoyed the little strawberry plant and card made by your beautiful child! I spent time with my daughters and relished each moment with my awesome 84 year old Mom! Feeling so lucky and loved:) What an exciting time in the classroom and especially in our mini science lab! Elliot brought in an amazing insect terrarium , (habitat), full of interesting bugs found in his backyard, including pill, stink and lady bugs! All five of our Painted Lady Butterfly caterpillars made it to the final stage of metamorphosis and we celebrated by setting them free to fly around our Lewis front door garden. Most of our meal worms have morphed into pupas and several have reached their final growth stage to darkling beetle. This week students will work to finish a final nonfiction story to share with classmates, (we have quite a collection!), and will also be embarking on a reading and writing unit featuring Fairy Tales as mentor texts. Our math-farm adventures, adding barns, silos, and pastures on our map continue daily at 12:40 pm and we would love to have volunteers to lend a hand. The students are learning how to pay with farm bucks money, counting large numbers by 20”s, 10s and 5s.It is a busy and creative time in math!
This week we will be revisiting our beloved Frog and Toad book series and all we know about real frogs and toads to prepare for our field trip on Friday May 18th. Thanks for returning all permission slips and thanks to chaperones! Also, we have a late opening, 10:40, for students this Wednesday, May 16th and dress as a favorite BOOK CHARACTER if possible for the rest of the day:-) Remember, Lewis School Volunteers, mark your calendar for the Volunteer Breakfast 8 am, Wednesday, May 23rd. We love to do this for you and can’t thank you enough for all you do!
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Releasing out Painted Lady Butterflies today🦋

Classroom Notes 4/30-5/4 2018

Art Night is this Thursday, 5/3, 6:30-8:00 P.M. All students and families are invited to attend and many of the students will be sharing their art as Docents:). This wonderful night at Lewis is made even better by the great music, (made possible by our talented children and our amazing music teacher, Mr. Jamesbarry), and delicious, donated desserts served at the Paintbrush Cafe. if you are able, please donate and drop off a store bought treat at the office by Thursday. I am inspired by this event and am already thinking about next years art projects:-) This week and on through the end of the school year, our classroom will be bustling! In science, we have many interesting insects growing and changing in our classroom, “laboratory." The students are caring for crickets, mealworms, painted lady caterpillars and an assortment of visiting insects brought to us from home and our playground! In math we will kick off our Farm Unit and will need volunteers daily at 1:30ish next week to help! Let me know if you can come in as it will make a big difference in the understanding of this unit for your child. In writing we are continuing to create our, nonfiction books paying extra attention to rereading for meaning and interesting facts while checking to be sure our mechanics are correct. As the spring days warm up some of the children are becoming restless and at times cranky in the classroom. Many are “burning the candle at both ends”, doing sports after school, on the weekends and staying up late as it is light longer. Please be sure to help them navigate through busy times by making sure they take time to relax and eat well. Important dates: Spring Photo Day: 5/2, Art Night: 5/3 6:30-8 pm, Mother’s Day 5/13, Late opening 5/16, Field Trip: 5/18, Volunteer Breakfast 5/23, Memorial Day: 5/28 and Field Day 5/29.
Our School would not be the same without your efforts and contributions, thank you!
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