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Classroom Notes 3/12-3/16 2018

I am surprised to see it is already the middle of March 2018! Signs of Spring are beginning to find their way through the chilly mornings and up through the soil. Among the welcomed signs are pussy willow buds, bulbs blooming, primroses and Chester, our classroom guinea pig, now able to go outside to nibble on the sweet green grass with our help during recess. Our art focus this week is capturing some of our favorite things on large black canvases with boarders like those seen in the art of local author Nancy Coffelt’s book, Dogs in Space and Tar Beach Author, Faith Ringgold. We are starting our "Pebbles, Sand and Silt" science unit and our new math unit on penguins, (lots of measurement!). We will “travel" together to the Antarctica, and other penguin friendly places, learning about the penguins that inhabit it with mock passports, poems and data to inform our studies. In writing workshop we continue creating different adventures for our characters in a series and in reading, focus is on series written by different authors. Thank you for all the non perishable food items you are able to donate to help with the food drive and thank you to our volunteers for your consistency and kindness:) Also, for your continued support on reading daily with your child! It is so apparent and a huge factor in the progress I see daily in the classroom.

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Classroom Notes 2/26-3/2 2018

We celebrated our 100th day of school together, February 17th, doing math and writing activities. It was a great learning time that helped us understand what 100 looks like and what it represents. Seeing the big number 100 and being able to break it up with manipulatives was engaging for the first graders and made that seemingly giant number a lot more accessible and understandable. I can not believe how quickly these days have passed and how much your first grader has grown in so many ways! We also celebrated Presidents Day by learning about our first President, Washington and our 16th President, Lincoln. The students enjoyed reading and writing about both Presidents. Several students did not know what a President was so this may be a great conversation to continue having at home. Last week was shortened due to snow days but we were mostly able to keep to our regular schedule and add in some thematic learning around Asian Lunar New Years. This past Monday I needed to be absent and I had Mrs. Beach work for me as a Visiting Teacher. I was so pleased on Tuesday when I returned to find her sweet note written to me about the students! She said they were, “Positive and respectful.” and “Hard workers and kind to one another :)” WOW! So proud of them!
Our math focus is on measurement and we will kick off our penguin unit in the next week or two, learning about many penguins world wide including Antarctica! Thanks for all you do and especially for reading to/with your child each day, it is the biggest predictor of school success 🙂