Grandparents and Special Friends and the Rice Rock Museum Field Trip

Next Thursday, March 2, we will welcome our Grandparents and Special Friends for Read Across America at 2pm in our classroom! We will share some of our favorite songs and poems and then break up into read aloud groups with drinks and cookies. Please join us if you are able, the more the merrier!
March 17th is our annual trip to Rice Rock Museum and you will find permission slips in your child’s backpack. Let us know now if you have a current background check and might be available to chaperone as we have room for 3 volunteers per classroom. Our field trip to Tryon Creek was rescheduled for June and we will also need several chaperones for that journey as well so let us know, we would love to have you join us:)

Classroom Notes 2/21-2/24-2017

Last week we created posters to alert our Lewis community of the coming Food Drive coordinated by Mr. Richner and our Reading Buddies. This is a fantastic opportunity for you and your child to give to one of Portland’s premiere organizations that help those in need with healthy shelf stable foods. We also spent time reading about, writing about and practicing friendship:) We created Valentine bags, cards and messages and celebrated by sharing a "Friendship Salad" together. We gathered together on the rug and I brought a big mixing spoon and pot over. Families had donated a variety of canned fruits and each fruit added to our giant mixing pot was symbolic of the positive attributes of friendship we share together in our classroom. I told the students that the mixing pot was like our classroom. The pear slices like the students in the room: good helpers and friends inside and outside of the classroom. We added mandarine oranges that represented the hard workers that always try their best in all they do. The pineapple added; The students who share and take turns. They care about each other and love one another. Peaches were the kind, sweet words being said in our classroom, like please and thank you! They represent words of encouragement, like "You can do it!." As we mixed the fruit I added a can of fruit cocktail representing the happiness we feel when we are in school together. The children "ooed and awed" and we talked about the yummy Friendship Salad we were concocting and how good it will taste. I then brought out very old and bruised banana and started to try and peel it. The students called for me to stop, "Don’t put that rotten banana into our salad, it will ruin it!" I told them they were right, this yucky banana might cause trouble in our happy classroom. It might be a banana that calls names, does not share, is mean, etc. We decided not to put the rotten banana in our Friendship Salad! This was a great opportunity to talk about why we all try our best to be kind to one another and the importance of following school rules and also having good manners. It was very sweet to see several students with their arms around each others shoulders and commenting so kindly. Thanks so much to the parents for helping make the Valentine celebration go smoothly. Special thanks also to families who donated yummy toppings to go on our Friendship salad and weekly Volunteers, you are amazing! Please check in with the new Volunteer schedule and flyer outside our room, would love to have your support if you are able:)