Classroom Notes 6/5-6/9 2017

We have only 6 more school days with students at Lewis and this is my last classroom notes for the 2016-2017 school year. Thursday, June 15 will be our final day together in First Grade! We are very busy finishing up our "lasts" and I am optimistic we will get it all wrapped up! Thursday this week we will meet with our Reading Buddies for our final visit together. We will read and share an outside recess with treats and games. The children really care about each other and and it has been such a sweet thing to see. I have enjoyed working with the fourth graders and with Mr. Richner, the "Buddy Teacher" and look forward to planning new adventures for our Buddy Classrooms next year! Thank you Mr. Richner, wow!
This Friday, June 9, we will celebrate our Summer birthday classmates so if you have a Summer birthday child and would like to send a little treat to share with their classmates please do. (Remember: we are a peanut/nut free classroom:)
I want to give a super thank you to our Volunteers this year, you know who you are! Your commitment to the students and to me has been outstanding and so appreciated! Pitching in to prepare materials, keeping supplies loaded up and ready, cleaning tables, organizing books, ordering Scholastic and most of all nurturing and encouraging the students when you are in the classroom, wow!
First Grade is a huge year of growth and change for students and families. In Room 6, the students have become a vibrant, communicative community of learners and "experts" who are beginning to support other learners in their understandings. This can be a difficult undertaking for 6/7 year olds as giving rather than taking is a challenging practice. Ask your child what it means to have a Caring Heart in Room 6. Developing positive communication and empathy has been a daily focus and I believe shows in each child’s ability to reflect on their own, and their classmate’s feelings and actions.
We have made many memories together that we will carry with us for years to come. I liked getting to know and love each child, thank you so much, wow!
Enjoy your summer times together and please continue to help your child build on their academic strengths by folding literacy, math and science into their daily activities. Trips to book stores, libraries, writing stories and keeping a journal, cooking, crafting, telling time, counting backwards and forwards and memorizing addition and subtraction facts to 10 and beyond will support your child’s hard work all this year and ease the stress of returning to the classroom in the Fall. Keep in touch, abuckley. Second Grade, here they come, WOW!

Room 6 Photos 5/30-6/2 2017

Classroom Notes 5/30-6/2 2017

I hope your Memorial Day weekend with your family was wonderful! I was able to spend time relaxing with friends, hiking with my husband and now feel rejuvenated and ready for our final weeks of school together!
This week we continue to study our painted lady butterflies as they grow in and hatch out of their chrysalises. Our meal worm larva are mostly in their pupa and beetle stages…awaiting each insects’ next change takes patience! We welcome the busy and beautiful “ladybug” ladybird beetles into our classroom for study and release into our Lewis Garden.
We are working hard on our Farm Math with the addition of pigs and chickens and will continue working on it over the next two weeks with the addition of horses, ponds and fields!
Our annual Volunteer Breakfast is this Friday, 8-9ish am:-) Child care is provided so please plan on attending with other adults and enjoy!
We are planning a Summer Birthdays Celebration at 2:15 on June 9th. Let me know if you would like to contribute a little snack or drink.
Thanks so much and have a nice rest of the week!