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Classroom Notes 12/4-12/8 2017

It’s been 4 weeks since our last Classroom Notes connection but hopefully you have been visiting our classroom blog, to see photos posted daily/weekly of our learning together in first grade:) Before Thanksgiving break, we did mini studies on Owls, Pilgrims, Native Americans and the abundance of change observed during the fall season. Clay owls and Leaf center pieces were created and students participated in activities to honor the tradition of sharing food by following a recipe to concoct pumpkin pudding and snacking on foods originally cultivated by Native Americans! This is truly a season of sharing and giving and many of you supported your child in earning a donation to put into our Giving Jar for Meals on Wheels. We were able to contribute many meals for our local, housebound elders! It was a great learning opportunity for students to experience the joy of giving instead of receiving during these winter celebration times. Thank you!

A big thanks to all who contributed to the annual Lewis Holiday Bazaar this past Saturday! It is incredible to see all the Lewis families, friends and teachers, past and present, also student and local artists contributing to this huge Lewis Community event. Thank you for all of your efforts, what a beautiful way to kick off the season!

This week during Writer’s Workshop, students are continuing to write about their collections. At the end of each session, we like to do a group share/ peer conference, ending with a mini writing lesson. On most Monday and Friday mornings, Journal Writing is a busy and purposeful time as the students work hard to capture personal stories around this exciting time of year and share their written pieces.

Our math focus is learning correct number formation and combos to 31, telling time to the hour and 1/2 hours, problem solving using sea creatures, such as sea stars and crabs to help us practice counting by 5’s and 10’s and putting together and breaking apart numbers also, working on story problems, creating graphs and quilts to support our number sense learning. We now have 4 new learning games and centers and paper pencil investigations are off and running! Your child should know coin names and amounts, be able to say the months of the year and days of the week in and out of sequence and know their own birthdate. Give them a try at home:)

Over the next 2 weeks until Winter Break we will be exploring celebrations that take place during this time of year in our community and around the world. At the heart of all of them, light! This commonality includes, Hanukkah, Las Posadas, Diwali, Winter Solstice, Christmas and Kwanza. Next week many versions of the seasonal Gingerbread stories will also be enjoyed.

We need volunteers especially during math centers, reader’s and writer’s workshops and art on Friday PM. We currently have several committed individuals coming in to support the students but would appreciate more help if you are able! WE LOVE YOU VOLUNTEERS!

Thanks so much for all you do!

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Classroom Notes 11/6-11/15

Thank you families for attending Parent/Teacher Conferences last Wednesday and Thursday, Room 6 had almost 100% of our parents attend! Sharing your time and thoughts with me informs my instruction, my understanding of your whole child and makes for a solid community of caregivers for our Room 6 First Graders and they know it! Goals were set for each student’s individual learning and many questions were asked and answered. If you have any other thoughts or questions please do not hesitate to contact me! Your child works hard to learn everyday and the connection between school and family is precious and important in supporting them as they grow.

Through the end of November, our art/science learning will revolve around beautiful Oregon owls. We will also delve into “Thanksgiving/Harvest Before Winter” including families/relatives, American Indians, and the history and meaning behind the feast we still celebrate. Ibimi/cranberries currently growing in bogs in Oregon, will also be explored through science and math.

As a class, we talk about what it means to have caring hearts for ourselves, our friends, families and our earth. The Wampanoag Indians celebrated the Harvest Ceremony with a “give away” in which families gave away personal possessions to “others in need”. In the spirit of the season and of our caring hearts, we are collecting change, earned/donated to our classroom “Giving Jar” to donate to Meals on Wheels to feed Seniors in our community. Last year we raised enough money to feed 18 people Thanksgiving dinner instead of going without that day. By having your child do extra chores or something meaningful to help earn a coin or two to contribute, they are learning the importance of caring for and helping others besides themselves in a real way through tangible donations. My hope is your child will experience and internalize a greater sense of caring and community seeing others beyond themselves as important and worthy.

Our Literacy activities this month continue to be Reading and Writing Workshop and also Words Their Way word study program for individualized phonics, vocabulary and spelling practice.

In math, we are continuing our M.A.T.H. Center work and have a new math game featuring odd and even number pieces to help build a visual sense of numbers and how they fit together in arrays. We continue to work on writing our numbers without reversals, practicing our addition and subtraction facts and are learning more about shapes on our calendar.

Our writing focus is on writing reviews and in reading we continue our “ mission” to be great word detectives, using good reading habits to solve tricky words! Ocean creatures are featured in our Bridges Math Curriculum. We will be creating ten legged crabs for counting by tens and soon, sea stars for counting by fives. Our calendar has introduced us to a repeating geometric pattern and I am stressing addition and subtraction facts to 10 and reading the clock, (to the hour and 1/2 hour).

Thanks for all you do!
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